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The award-winning Data Management returns in a modern and renewed look.

WorkDB (Data Manager)

Use WorkDB to take notes while browsing the Internet, while you're at work, or while you study. Thanks to the categories you can manage a variety of data, from simple to notes, to a bookstore, a club, an address book, a customer management, an agenda for managing tasks, a notebook and much more.

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Customize your Resource Center
You can customize the color of the notes, choose a light or dark theme and have many tools and customization options available, to have a unique and personalized experience.

Real-time calculations
You can perform calculations in real time within the same notes.

A Single Environment on multiple devices
Manage Notes on PCs Windows, Linux, MacOS and Smartphones or Tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile).

Available in English and Italian.

Join us to organize your data with WorkDB. Also for us the NOTES are a serious thing.

WorkDB - Old Concept, New Software

We were the first in the world to create software that allows anyone to create their own databases quickly and easily. We were still the first to allow us to do mathematical calculations in simple textual notes. WorkDB has been out of place since 2013. However, since then, many things have changed, but others have remained the same, like the basic concept of WorkDB and its extreme simplicity. Welcome to new version of WorkDB Web Edition.

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